The 2017 Stella Alpina

The 2017 Stella Alpina a special edition comes to a close:
70 years together!
The appeal of a classic regularity rally: hairpin bends, scenery, and passion 6th – 9 th July 2017

The 70 th anniversary Stella Alpina has just come to a close:
the regularity rally organized by Scuderia Trentina with the support of Canossa Events.
Its winning combination of sport, passion, spectacular panoramas, hairpin bends, superb hospitality and breathtaking scenery in the marvelous Dolomites, delighted all

The Stella Alpina was the brainchild of Giovanni Canestrini who was born in Trentino and a legendary journalist who was particularly interested in cars.
Mr Canestrini had the idea for the “perfect” race to be based in one of the towns in Trentino to make it more convenient for competitors and the press, which he called the Quadrifoglio Alpino (Alpine Four - Leaved Clover), as he thought the race should be divided into four legs and be based in Merano. In actual fact, the first race held in 1947 was based in Trento, also on account of the support and enthusiasm of Count Sigismondo Manci, President of ACI (Italian Automobile Club) at the time, who reworked Mr Canestrini’s original idea.It got the name Stella Alpina right away, also to honor the mountains in Trentino. Like the other races around at the time, the Stella Alpina was originally intended as a speed trial, with the unusual addition of its adrenalin - packed downhill sections.
51 competitors took part in the first edition and no less than Tazio Nuvolari fired the starting gun.
After years of success, also due to the top drivers of the time taking part, the Stella Alpina came to a standstill in 1957, like all other road rallies. It was resurrected as a regularity race for classic cars in 1984, the year when Scuderia Trentina decided to pay a tribute to this important challenge by organizing a sort of classic car pageant consisting of a regularity race.

The first pageant was such a success that Scuderia Trentina continued to organize it year after year, followed by Scuderia Trentina Storica, and is now ready to host the 32nd edition from July 6th to 9th, 2017




Montag, 17. Juli 2017
Jürgen Feye-Hohmann
Renè Official Photographer
The 2017 Stella AlpinaThe 2017 Stella AlpinaThe 2017 Stella AlpinaThe 2017 Stella AlpinaThe 2017 Stella AlpinaThe 2017 Stella AlpinaThe 2017 Stella AlpinaThe 2017 Stella AlpinaThe 2017 Stella Alpina
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