1000 Miglia

Geneva, March 4th 2019
The curtain is raised for the 1000 Miglia of 2019, the Freccia Rossa race scheduled to be held
from Wednesday May 15th to Saturday May 18th, which this year is the thirty-seventh time
since its revival.

Racing from Brescia to Rome and back will be 430 selected cars in a one-of-a-kind car show
characterised by valuable and inimitable 4-wheel “gems”, spectators are expected to fall in love
with and be enthralled by.
Like before, the 1000 Miglia has chosen Geneva to make its presentation to international
There are many news this year, starting from a reduction in the number of cars taking part in
the race. To improve safety it was necessary to limit the number of cars in the competition and
so instead of 450, only 430 shall be at the departure point.
The 1000 Miglia traditionally combines art, beauty, design, history and involves, cities, villages,
streets, squares and the roads of Italy the race is run on, a show in a show, in one of the world’s
most unique and beloved places.
The 430 vintage cars of extraordinary historical, technological and sporting value, belonging to
as many as 71 automobile manufacturers shall race four laps from Brescia to Cervia-Milano
Marittima, from Cervia-Milano Marittima to Rome, from Rome to Bologna and from Bologna
to Brescia.

Dienstag, 05. März 2019
Jürgen Feye-Hohmann
Presseinfo 1000 Miglia
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