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Who is G S Jones Morris Minor PartsWe have over 40 years of experience in dealing with Morris Minor Parts, we are a UK supplier of Morris Minor Parts for the Morris Minor 1000 saloon, convertible, traveller, van, sidevalve, tourer and pickup parts and spares.

We supply specialists and garages all over the world with Morris Minor Parts and spares, please feel free to contact us for advice and information on purchasing parts. the Morris MinorThe Classic Morris Minor (1948 - 1971) whether it be a 2 door Saloon or an open top Convertible is still popular with todays modern drivers. It appeals to both young and experienced alike.Its- ability to provide cost effective transport and its proven reliability draw many to this Classic British car together with the low maintenance and insurance .The Morris Minor Van and Pick-Up commercial versions are increasingly becoming popular with the small business user. It enables both the transport of goods and uniqü advertisement for many small to medium business users, whether this be the butcher , the baker or the candle stick maker .Unlike todays modern cars which requires the high cost attention of the main dealer to service and repair , the Classic British Morris Minor can be maintained by its owner with the support of workshop manuals and freely available Morris Minor Parts and Accessories .The Morris Minor Traveller or as it is affectionately know as Woody Down Under, has a large carrying capacity when rear seats are folded down , so able to cope with modern day needs but with a classic charm.Our Morris Minor Spares are available at a very competitive price, and are despatched worldwide by a dedicated team of Morris Minor specialists.We cover a lot of places worldwide with UK, Australia, Japan, South Africa, United States (USA), Kenya, Malta, Cyprus being some of the more popular locations.RegardsG S Jones + TeamSupplying specialists and garages with Morris Minor Parts and Spares throughout the world for the following models:Traveller, Convertible, Sidevalve, 1000, Saloon, Van, Tourer, Pick Up, LCV, CustomPlease visit our online shopCLASSIC CAR MIRRORSCLASSIC CAR TOOLSGLASS QUARTER LIGHTLUCAS semaphore trafficator sf8Morris Minor AccessoriesMorris Minor Brake SystemMorris Minor CablesMorris minor carb/su petrol pumpMorris Minor Carpets/interiorMorris Minor Chrome BumpersMorris Minor Chrome/brightworkMorris Minor Clutch PartsMorris Minor Convertible PartsMorris minor distributor partsMorris Minor Electrical PartsMorris Minor Engine / Gasket SetMorris Minor Engine/coolingMorris Minor Exhaust PartsMorris Minor Grille/finishersMorris Minor GrommetsMorris Minor Handle/locks/hingesMorris Minor Headlights/lampsMorris Minor LightbulbsMorris Minor Lights/front/rearMorris Minor Lights/int/no.plateMorris Minor ModificationsMorris Minor Panels/sillsMorris minor parts booksMorris Minor Rear/axle/springsMorris Minor Red ReflectorsMorris Minor Rubbers/screen SealMorris Minor Service PartsMorris Minor Special OffersMorris Minor Speed Cable/gearboxMorris Minor Splitscreen 1948-56Morris minor steering/suspensionMorris Minor Traveller WoodieMorris Minor Van And PickupMorris Minor Windscreen WipersMORRIS MINORS for sale/wantedPOLYURETHANE HEAVY DUTY BUSHES

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