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Trading as Rickman Motorcycles LimitedDerek and Don had sold of the licence to trade under the Rickman Motorcycles name to a major, well known motorbike retailer at the time. We reached an agreement with the company holding the licensing rights Adrian explains, which enabled us to legitimately sell the Rickman based motorcycles we were creating, as Rickman Motorcycles. Later, when the trademark became available, it was natural for us to buy it and we-re proud we-re able to officially trade as Rickman Motorcycles Limited.YT: 8Ws38o5FMNU Pat French registered the name Metisse which had become associated with a particular model that the Rickman brothers were producing. A colloquial term they-d used to describe their bikes. Proving they had a sense of humour, this word is based on the French word meaning mongrel-. It reflected their opinions that there were good engines and good frames but that the two were rarely put together.The British Bike BonanzaAlongside running his business in Stroud, in 1982 Adrian organised the first specialist motorcycle scramble for pre-65 machines, at Moorhouse, Brimsfield, Birdlip, Gloucester.Rickman signatureThe British Bike Bonanza was born,click for more details.Learn more about the history ofRickman Motorcycles on Wikipedia.

14 Parliament Street
GL5 1DP Stroud
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1453 758026
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