Austin, Minni, Morris Minor

Our knowledge and range of products is based on over 40 years of experience and continuous involvement in the British Motor Industry. All the brands we stock are brands we trust in our workshops and all machining work is carried out by our team to the highest of standards. We have been working with the leading names in British car restoration and modification to perfect our enhancement kits.

A-Series Spares is dedicated to supplying the parts, quantities and knowledge for the growing number of British Classic Car enthusiasts. Restoration and Enhancement work is carried out in our workshops, developing the cars to become more usable everyday on today’s roads.

The A-Series Spares workshop is a professional environment, equipped to offer a full range of products and services. Why not head over to the section and see what we can offer you.

We are a British company with a passion for British motor sport, if you have a question regarding anything you see on the shop, or if you are after a part you can’t see listed, please email

The Ropewalk
United Kingdom
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